Power Wheelchair Zip Lite


Zip Lite Power Wheelchair is a perfect solution for individuals suffering from walking disorders and for handicapped people seeking for economical model. This power wheelchair is light in weight and has a weight-bearing capacity of 100 kg. The wheelchair is embellished with fire retardant upholstery, double seat cushions, back cushion, foldable backrest, detachable leg-rest, flip-up armrest, pneumatic tyres and can run 12 km in a single charge. It has all the important function that a user needs in a motorized wheelchair. The chair is suitable to be used in case of stability and balance problem, post-surgery, post paralysis, walking disorders, spinal injury, pelvic injury, and legs injury. • Product Manual >> Product Dimensions Overall Length: 106cm Overall height:  96.5cm Overall Width: 62cm Back height: 55cm Seat Height: 55cm Seat Depth: 44.5cm Folded Width: 37cm Armrest Height:72cm

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