1.      Frame: steel pipe diameter of 22mm, wall thickness of 1.2 mm, foldable structure, good safety performance; The surface of the frame is spray plasticized;

2.      The seat reclines back 165°

3.      Front wheel:200 mm (8 inch) plastic wheels, rear wheel diameter 620 mm (24 inch), with hand rim

4.      Steel manual stationary brake

5.      The seat cushion is a soft seat cushion, the material is high strength

6.      The backrest can be tilted back at an angle of 160° to 170°, the angle adjustment position is fixed and reliable, and the curved soft headrest is configured;

7.      Movable disassembly handrail, easy to disassemble;

8.      Stainless steel skid plate;

9.      Footrest, height adjustable, raised angle can reach 180° with the seat surface, and has a gravity self-locking device, leg pads are soft materials