Crazy Fit Massager

Original price was: ₹33,500.00.Current price is: ₹17,857.14.

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Crazy Fit Massager

Original price was: ₹33,500.00.Current price is: ₹17,857.14.

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1. Innovative body shaping equipment that effectively firms and tones your body

2. Designed with resistance cord system for more intense workout

3. Enhance workout intensity by widening stepping angels to stimulate more muscle movements

4. 3 Auto programs (circulation, Firm and Strengthen) that integrates different speeds for optimal workout

5. Manual program with adjustable speed and timer to suit individual workout preferences

6. Wheel caster for easy maneuverability

7. Adjustable rubber sands help to stabilize the device on an uneven surface

8. Designed with motor protecting system to prevent event of improper operation such as overloading and uneven weight distribution at one side of the vibrating platform

9. Designed for ease of storage



1. Firms and strengthens arm muscles, abdominal, buttock, calf and thighs

2. Effective means of weight reduction when combined with proper die

3. Improves circulation, respiration

4. Improves metabolism rate

5. Improves reflexes, coordination and balance

6. Promotes easy workout and reduces stress


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Dimensions 114 × 76 × 26 cm

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