Aiqura AD801 Forehead Infra Red Thermometer works on the principle that all objects with temperature higher than absolute zero reflect a certain amount of infrared radiation based on their own temperature. Frontal temperature gun is a measuring instrument which uses this principle to measure human temperature.Uses:It is used to measure body temperature from a certain distance without coming in direct contact.Product Specification and Features:Display: Blue screen displayCharacteristic: Non-contact, multipurpose, no radiation and fast and preciseMajor Function: Celsius Fahrenheit conversion, over temperature alarm, data memory and automatic shutdownNormal use conditions: Operating ambient temperature:10°C- 40°C, Operating environment humidity:≤85%Measuring Range: Body temperature pattern:35°C- 43°C & Surface temperature:0°C-100°CAccuracy: 0°C-30°C≤+/-0.2°C,30°C- 45°C≤+/-0.1°C & 45°C-100°C≤+/-0.4°CMeasuring distance: 3cm-5cmMeasuring time: 1sAutomatic shutdown: 15sSize:149mm*80mm*40mmPower Supply: DV 3V batteryWeight: 90g (without battery)Authentication: CEIt provides 16 sets of memoryIt is useful as it indicates high temperature by an alarmFever Guidance:When the temperature is 35.6 °C < T < 37.2 °C, the backlight is bright greenWhen 37.3 °C < T < 38.0 °C, the backlight is bright yellowWhen 38.0 °C ≤ T ≤ 42.9 °C, the red backlight will be onWhen T 42.9 °C, bright red backlight for 3S, display “Hi”Directions For Use:Read the manual carefully before use.Safety Information:Read the label carefully before useKeep out of reach of childrenNotice: The probe part is the most precise part of the product. Please protect it carefully and handle it with care