Acupressure Plastic Foot Roller Reflexology:

We provide our prestigious clients with an extensive range of Wooden Foot Massager. This is the most preferred product of ours by our clients.
Wooden Foot Massagers product of ours is
used to massage the foot when in pain, it gives a relief when massaged.
Affordable prices We provide a wide array of
Wooden Foot Roller Massager.
Simply soft rolling your foot on the Wooden Foot Roller by sitting on a chair, and slowly applies pressure also.
By using daily life for 5 to 10 minutes per day.
Healthy living leads to better health by
increasing activity of nerve impulse and blood circulation.


    Pain reliever
    High quality
    Greater demand

Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 5 cm

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