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Portable Sauna Steam Bath
The unique portable steam baths the very portable steam bath that folds up and off you go. This personal portable steam bath requires a little set up no installation, no plumbing and no specialized electrical...
₹ 5499.00
Facial steamer
Facial Streamer: Attachments- Facial steamer has 3 attachments all in, consisting of Nasal steamer, Facial sauna. In nasal steamer you can add inhalant for cold relief and congestion. Relieve Cold- Nasal...
₹ 449.00
Crescent Steam Inhaler
Maintaining good skin will be easier, inexpensive and better with this vaporizer . Benefits This vaporizer can be used as a steamer, facial steam inhaler and for facial sauna to cleanse your pores, enhance...
₹ 349.00
Steam Inhaler Cum Facial Steam Vapouriser
Steam Inhaler Cum Facial Steam Vapouriser : Blocked nose Headaches Colds&Coughs Soothes Strained muscles Stiff jounts. Cleans Clens facial skin Helps skin glow Refreshes Single steam bout refreshes after...
₹ 229.00