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Electronic Pulse Massager
Electronic Pulse massagers PL-009: Harness the power of TENS therapy at home to effectively reduce your aches and pains. Large LCD display and clearly-labeled buttons make pain relief simple and easy....
₹ 1400
Slimming Belt
SLIMMING BELT APPLICATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS : Many boxers, jockeys, bullfighters , football players and other athletes have been using heat Vibrating AB Slimmer Sauna saunas for years. Vibrating AB Slimmer...
₹ 900.00
Shoulder Support
SHOULDER SUPPORT FEATURE: Universal,fully adjustable,neoprene cover with elastic securing strap Extra wide elastic strap assures comfort around torso APPLICATIONS: Shoulder pain,maintains circulation for...
₹ 699.00
Knee Brace
Features Sleek unisex design Nano Flextra elasticated technology Moisture wicking fabric Machine washable and odourless Improves circulation and retains heath Ideal for short term pain relief treatment...
₹ 499.00
Back Support With Stays
Back Support With Stays: Back support belts can help you prevent potentially harmful back injuries by helping you gain the correct posture whenever you have heavy lifting. Back braces are not exclusively...
₹ 499.00
Knee Support With Stays
Knee Support With Stays: T o penetrate deep into the skin to activate cells and provide therapeutic heat to improve blood circulation. It enhances cells renewal and provides soothing relief from minor...
₹ 499.00
Walking Stick with Torch
Walking Stick With Torch Walk with greater confidence, even in poor light. This remarkable walking stick has a lamp you can adjust to illuminate the path in front of you Adjustable high strength aluminum...
₹ 499.00
Waist Protector
Waist Protector: Waist Protector offered by us has set benchmark in the industry. The offered range of these waist protectors are lightweight and are quite comfortable. These provide complete protection...
₹ 399.00
Attack Gym Gloves
Attack Gym Gloves Uses : Half Finger and Padded Palm Stylish Black Leather Design Premium Leather Gym Glove Working out requires you to get your hands on the essential gear and clothing for the activity....
₹ 399.00
Y C Ankle Support
Y C Ankle Support Ideal to wear as a preventative ankle injury brace during all sports. Suitable for recovery from a sprained ankle, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, swollen ankle and following a broken ankle....
₹ 349.00