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You are in possession of worlds most result oriented fitness equipment. You need to spend just 10-15 min/day. Doing each exercise 40-50 repetitions. Best time will be to do this in the morning on empty stomach before bath. You will start feeling great change in your fitness gradually. Its a combination of 6 exercises ensuring work out of almost all joints, muscles and levers below the neck. It will increase your stamina and energy. As time goes by and the speed is increased, you will also weight reduction. As the exercises are done in lying position, stress on heart is minimum. So make these 10minutesas part of your day-to-day life. Give yourself 3-4 days to get used to this form of exercise, before taking on speed


             Tie the rope in your window grill around hip level as given in sit with your back towards the window and put the double tube ends in your legs. now lie down on your back so that you can hold the single tube with your hands. Now to tighten the rope as shown in the fig.2.move downwards until your hands are fully stretched towards the pulley and rope is tight. (always remember that the exercises are done by you and the rope only supports in getting the right posture, speed, thrust and stress, which you cannot get on your own).Initially you may feel some pain in your abdomen, worry as it will subside in due course. Keep your legs always together and do not let them swing sideways. Keep your legs little above the ground. This will help you do the exercises faster and give better results, as these postures have good workout for your abdomen. If you donor feel the stiffness in the rope, it means rope as become loose. So just move downward and tighten the rope and start again.

Exercise: 1

Using your abdomen muscles lift your legs as for as possible. Simultaneously your hand will come down. Now with the help of your hands pull the rope. To get the correct posture; as shown in exercise no 1 see to it that your legs do not go beyond 90deg and your buttocks do not reputations in two minutes.while doing this exercise you can feel stress on your calf muscles. Thighs and upper abdomen.

Exercise: 2

As in the first exercise here too using your abdomen muscles pull your leg backward, as far as possible and use hands at the final stage, as shown in exercise no2 do some 30 repetitions in 2 minutes. Initially this workout is for your thighs, calf, buttocks and lower abdomen. Gradually increase the speed and try reaching 50-100 reputations of exercise 1 and 2 within 5 minutes. Whenever you get slowed down, use your hand muscles, as this will ensure work out of hands and upper parts of the body.ex.1&ex.2 will help reduce fat around waist, buttocks, thighs and calf and hands.

Exercise: 3

Within a week , you would have got used to OCEANIC GYM ROPE, and your body to this form of exercise sing, now get into the Exercising position on the floor. keeping your legs straight, move them alternately(as if you are walking )as given in Exercise no.3 this Exercise is as good as Exercise no.1 here instead of both legs you are lifting one leg at a time alternatively.

Exercise: 4 is similar to instead of both legs,one by one you are folding your legs alternately. It is like an action of cycling. Ex.3-4 will improve your blood circulation and relieve you of joint pain. As you know that running and cycling are basically energy and stamina builders.

Exercise: 5

This exercise is best for people having excess of fat on sides (tires).lie in the side pose as shown in figure. Keeping your hand below the head as support and keeping your legs little in the front to get the balance. Now as shown in the figure, lift your leg, simultaneously your hand will come down in front of you and pull, to get the best posture once you are used to this exercise(bring down your leg back on top of other leg to avoid losing balance).Do it slowly but steadily some 50-100 repetitions each side. Results can be seemed as days go by.

Exercise: 6

After  mastering with the other 5 exercises completely, try doing this exercises.liedown with your face towards the floor. As shown in the figure keep your legs straight .now just lift your legs and pull with your hands as much as you can .simultaneously lift your head and body. You can feel the stress in your lower back. Stay in this pose for 5 -10 seconds. Then release your hand pressure and bring down your legs. Slowly repeat this 5-6 times. This exercise will relieve you of your body pain and stress. It can be done by you whenever you feel lower back pain. This is best exercise for people who are always on move and people who sit and work.

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