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Massage Table
MASSAGE TABLE This massage table is used by massage therapists to position the client to receive a massage . This massage table is manufactured with client comfort and therapist ergonomics in mind. A typical...
₹ 9549.00
Gym Ball 75MM
GYM BALL BEGINNERS SET Strengthen , stretch and sculpt the entire body with ball that revolutionized fitness.
₹ 999.00
Printed Yoga Mat - 6mm
Yoga mats are available in many colors and patterns. "Alignment mats" are printed with guides to proper alignment. Some companies print custom images on mats. Other items used to complement yoga mats are...
₹ 550.00
Enema Can Kit
Enema Can(kit) can be used for : better digestion controls nervous diarrhea strengthens solar plexus Remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, pruritis tackling constipation removes the impurities purifies...
₹ 299.00
Jal Neti Pot
JAL NETI POT Neti is a cleansing process related to upper part of the respiratory system. It helps for cleaning and opening the nasal passage and to increase the sensitivity of the nasal mucosa. Technique...
₹ 99.00
Eye Blinder
Eye Blinder sleeping Eye Shades Eye Blinders--Encourages A Restful Sleep and Leaves You and Your Eyes Feeling Refreshed and Stress-Free. Made of soft 100% polyester with secure cord and velcro closure...
₹ 99.00
Eye Wash Cup
EYE WASH CUP Eyewash Cup helps you to clean and cool your eyes. Procedure: 1.Fill clean water inside eye wash cup; 2.Take the cup close to your eye. 3. Touch your eyes with water with a closed state, and...
₹ 50.00