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Bio Magnetic Bracelets
Bio Magnetic Bracelets: Might Help to Improve immune power Might Help to Enhance Body,Brain,Energy Level & Mental Power Might Help to Regulate Blood Pressure Might Help In insamnia/sleeplessness,Arthritis...
₹ 1099.00
Super Power Magnets
Valuable in treatment of various ailments, aches and pain of body. INDICATIONS: For gout, leg, knee, heel pain, improves blood circulation, lower back pain, complaints of hip joints, cervical spondylitis,...
₹ 780.00
Back & Belly Belt
BACK & BELLY BELT This is a combination of magnetic therapy,acupressure,pyramids & metal therapy to provide you natural and safe treatments without the side effects of drugs.These functional belt contain...
₹ 649
High Power Magnets
Description : Right palm on north-pole and left palm on south-pole. Right Sole on north-pole and left Sole on south-pole. Right palm on north-pole & sole of left foot on south-pole. Sole of left foot on...
₹ 390.00
Magnetic Water Stand
Magnetic Water Stand Our water comes from natural sources. Through iron pipes and tanks. Due to this natural magnetic charging is disturbed. Use this re-energizer and feel the difference in vitality. Put...
₹ 299.00
Magnetic Waist Belt
Magnetic Waist Belt This supportive magnetic waist is made from stretchy neoprene to help reinforce your weakened or injured lower back. Acts as an external muscular system to hold you erect, easing the...
₹ 299.00
ACS Cervical Belt magnetic energy
ACS Cervical Belt magnetic energy Beneficial in the case of: Swelling on the shoulders Cramps in Neck Cervical Spindlier Giddiness caused due to neck pain Neck pain caused due to bowing down and drivi...
₹ 249.00
Magnetic Knee Cap
MAGNETIC KNEE CAP: A magnetic knee brace is a knee support that has magnets strategically placed around the knee joint region, especially around the kneecap to help reduce pain. Magnetic therapy has been...
₹ 199.00
Diabetes belt
ACS Diabetes belt (magnetic therapy) Uses: Controls Diabetes Stimulates pancreas to produce insulin Normalizes Adrenal glands Strengthens the weak bladder Controls prostrate gland enlargement Controls...
₹ 199.00
Magnetic Head Belt
Magnetic head belt helps in relief from Headaches: Migraine Pain Relaxation Psychosomatic disorders Insomnia Mental fatigue
₹ 99.00