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9 Ball Jade stone Projector Massager
9 ball jade projector Helps the heat wave to break in the muscles ache by going deep into it Classy and small that makes it easily portable Relax the nervous system and aid in removal of toxins
₹ 6999.00
Walk Yoga Track
WALK YOGA TRACK Improves blood circulation and the energy flow in the whole body. Stimulates foot reflex points of major organs to improve the vitality. Gives a complete de-stress feeling. Use in morning...
₹ 1750.0
Wooden Beads seat cushion
1.ALLEVIATES DISCOMFORT - Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cushion massages your back and relieves stress related to sitting for a long period of time. It provides a stress free all day comfort at work. 2.EASY...
₹ 1200.00
Stress Relief Pad
Stress Relief Pad: The force exerted between teeth of the upper and lower jaws during mastication Insomnia is a sleep disorder that causes habitual sleeplessness. The lack of sleep leads to the over exhaustion...
₹ 1099.00
Healthy Foot Massage Mat.
Healthy Foot Massage Mat 1) This is very old ancient therapy, according to acupressure therapy the pressure points of all vital organs of human body are situated in the foot; the foot is also called second...
₹ 1099.00
Acupressure Spine Roll Massager
Product Description: If you are looking for a perfect, easy and affordable solution to the back pain, sore muscles, tension, discomfort and stress then our spine roller is a perfect one. This roller is...
₹ 780.00
Vacuum Special Male Cup
Vacuum Special Male Cup The cups' transparency lets you clearly see the reddening that takes place in the skin as cupping time increases, so you can completely control the cupping as to its effects and...
₹ 749.00
Yin Yang Mat
Yin Yang Mat Instand pain relief and for total health.Best for Feet,leg,knee and heel pain.New Computerized yin-yang design with pyramid to cover all acu-points.
₹ 690.00
DiaCare Belt
DiaCare Belt UNIQUE MULTI-ENERGY TREATMENT Indications:Pancreas,Stomach & Liver disorders.36 pyramids,7 -Magnets and 36 Acuits power.
₹ 630.0
Acupressure Power Foot Mat- 5000
ACUPRESSURE POWER FOOT MAT- 5000 Power mat with 22 powerful silver magnets and 28 healing copper pyramids. Useful for:- Heal pain. Foot pain. Calf pain. Various veins. Also recommended for lower backache,...
₹ 448